Common Questions About Our Archviz Store

Q: What is Arch-viz ?

Archviz is short for architectural visualization, and it refers to the 3d graphics that are used to visualize architectural projects for the purposes of design communication, marketing, etc. It can involve rendering still images, or computer generated 3d animations.

Q: I’m an absolute beginner, with zero experience in 3ds Max and Vray. Are these courses suitable for me ?

No, our courses not for an absolute beginner with zero experience, you should have at least basic knowledge of 3Ds Max. There are many resources available for learning Autodesk 3Ds Max, like YouTube it's a popular place to learn different aspects of the software, we suggest paying a little bit of money to get a beginners course for 3dsMax and then you can start with our courses.

Yes, We will start new licensing system with online activation for our upcoming courses. mainly because of illegal use! Our Archviz Interior Training Vol.1 content didn't protected and anyone was able to copy and share it. While we believe it should be easy for our students to watch and study our courses in unlimited devices but the illegal use and share has decreased the sales significantly. In order to continue the development and improve our courses, we saw no alternative to include a protection system.

Q: Is the content support English Language ?

At the moment our content only support Arabic Language as we target Middle East students but in our future plans we will support English Language because we received a lot of requests.

Q: How can I order the courses ?

You can visit our archviz store click here.

Q: Are there any discounts ?

Current students are eligible for a 10% discount on the standard course fee. In order to claim the discount, please contact us from your email account. Once your eligibility has been verified you will be provided with a discount code that you can use when ordering online.

Q: How can I pay ?

You can complete your order online :

  • Credit or Debit Card.
  • PayPal.

We also accept payments via bank or wire transfer.

Q: Who will process my online order ?

Your order will be securely processed through our partner Fastspring. You will be redirected to a part of their website dedicated to Taher Design Studio.

Q: How are the prices in my own currency ?

Our archviz store only supports one currency which is US Dollars. If you will complete your order online and you want to know the price of a product in your own currency, just click on (order now) and you can select your country with the selector on the right side. This way you can see the price in different currencies.

For students who live in Egypt only, they will be able to pay with EGP currency by requesting a direct bank transfer and we will send to them the invoice with EGP currency based on currency exchange rate.

Q: How can I get an invoice for my purchase ?

After completing the order, you will receive an invoice from fastspring, with the confirmation e-mail.

Q: How will I download the content ?

After confirming your payment you will receive an email has all links to download our product with the serial number and all information about the activation process if needed.

Q: Download Problems ?

If you are having trouble downloading files, you should check if a download manager in your browser is enabled. Usually this is the reason for incomplete downloads or multiple failed downloads. If you reached your download limit, please send me an email with your order number and we´ll reset the limit.

Q: How much time do I have to download the files ?

By default, the download links will expire seven days after the links are sent to your Email.

Q: What if my download limit is reached ?

It depends on The number of attempts, which ranges from four attempts to fourteen attempts, is limited by the file size. If you had to download multiple times due to download problems or other reasons, we can reset the download number. Just drop us a message via the support form with your name, email and order number and we´ll reset it.

Q: Do you send out DVDs / CDs with your products ?

We don't not offer physical products (e.g. DVDs, CD-Roms) for sale. All products are available as download only.

Forum Subscription

Q: Who Can Subscribe To The Forum ?

The subscription in our forum available only for the students who already ordered one of our courses.

Q: How Does The Forum Work ?

After subscription in our forum and choosing the kind of Participation according to your needs You can open topics, post your questions, workshops and upload your project images.

The instructor will answer your questions, solve your problems and guide you to get a photo realistic renderings and he will be online 3 times a week On Sunday and Tuesday and Thursday From 6 pm : 9 pm (EET)

Q: What Kind Of Archviz Does This Forum Support ?

Both (Exterior and Interior). But We support you in the course content you have purchased.

Q: How Much Does It Cost ?

  • $200 - 1 month.
  • $500 - 3 Months.
  • $800 - 6 months.

Q: How Can I Subscribe ?

You can visit our forum subscription page click here.

Q: After completing my order how will i access to the forum ?

Once you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your invoice and you will be notified Your order is now in our processing queue.

Forum registrations and accounts are manually processed within business hours, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m (EET). So, Login Information, including instructions, will be sent by email in a maximum of 24 hours (1 business day) via email.

Q: More than one business day has passed since i ordered the subscription, but I have not received an email. What should I do ?

Sometimes, we have problems with some customers because they don't receive our e-mails (usually because they have anti-spam filters that block our messages), so we have no way to contact them. If you don't receive news from us within 24 hours after ordering, or you don't receive a reply to your e-mails, please contact us by sending an email to with your issue and we will fix your problem.

Q: I Have More Questions. Who Can I Contact ?

We’re here to help with any questions you have :